Buhoma sector

The Buhoma sector is located in the northern parts of Bwindi Impenetrable National Park. It also lies in Kanungu district, South west of Uganda. Buhoma has easy access from Kampala with approximately 550km distance and an 8-9 hours drive.

This sector is also strategically located near Queen Elizabeth National park. Most interestingly, Buhoma is about 2 hours close to the Ishasha sector of the Queen Elizabeth National park famously known for the tree climbing lions. Further into Queen Elizabeth National park, you can enjoy a boat ride on the Kazinga Channel that is a known hub for the highest concentration of hippos in the world, the boat ride starts in the Mweya side about 4 hours from Buhoma. This sector is also close to Ruhija sector that is in the east of the park and about 2 hours drive.

The Buhoma sector is mostly famous for the Mubare group that was the very first gorilla group to be habituated and also tracked in Uganda back in 1993 making it the oldest gorilla family in Uganda. Currently, Mubare group has about 9 members. It was known to be bigger under the reign of Ruhondeza who was the leader of the group. He always guarded his subjects jealously and never let any male or other silverback take over him. Ruhondeza did well in expanding his group which later became overwhelming to him, the group faced a number of deaths mostly in 2009.

Ruhondeza later met his death in 2013 and left his group with no good leader and with only four members. A blackback later took over leadership and multiplied the numbers to the current 9 members.
There are other groups in Buhoma that include Rushegura with about 16 members and also Habinyanja with about 19 members.

Other activities in Buhoma include enchanting forest/ nature walks through different trails, most have now been developed and a few lead you to three different waterfalls. These same trails are good for birding, they offer a variety of different plant, butterfly and bird species not to forget other primates.

Another significant walk in the Buhoma sector is the one through the middle of the forest that leads you to Nkuringo, south of Bwindi Impenetrable forest National Park. This walk takes about three hours using the Nkuringo safari walk trail. The walks are fully guided. Other activities in the Buhoma sector are the Buhoma community walk and other various projects for volunteering and conservation.

The Buhoma sector is also known for its diversity in accommodation options as there are many lodges that range from luxury – midrange – budget accommodation compared to other sectors in the park. The luxury lodges include Buhoma lodge, Gorilla forest camp and Mahogany springs. For midrange we have Silverback lodge and havens lodge and for budget lodging we have the Buhoma community rest camp.