Ruhija Sector

Ruhija sector is located in the eastern side of the Bwindi Impenetrable National park. Ruhija is about 2 hours from Buhoma and therefore easy to connect by road. Ruhija is easily accessed and strategically located near Buhoma to the north and Kibale town to its south which is only 52km close to Lake Bunyonyi. A visit to Ruhija can also be included in a safari that includes the Ishasha tree climbing lions that is about 218km from Ruhija and the boatride on the Kazinga channel that starts from Mweya.

In the Ruhija sector, you find only three Gorilla groups that is Bitukuru, Oruzogo and the Kyaguliro that was just recently habituated and now trackable. It was before reserved for research mainly but later habituated. The Ruhija sector is much less congested than the Buhoma sector as it is not as famous. Note that each sector has its own uniqueness.

The Ruhija sector also boasts of its other activities it has to offer. Among these we have a visit to the Batwa Pygmy community who are found at the boundaries of the Bwindi forest. These were the indigenous inhabitants of the Bwindi Impenetrable forest before gorilla tourism was introduced back then in the early 1990’s. The Batwa people were evicted from the forest to the outcasts of the forest where they are now settled.

A visit to the one of their kind community offers an understanding of their traditional forest life, norms and cultures. On your tour here, the Batwa elders will lead you into the forest to demonstrate their way of life using songs and dances that are really entertaining.

Not to forget, birding is one of the major activities in Ruhija. In this area, you will find the highest peak of the forest that gives you a splendid view thus making it the best sector to carry out birding. It was also recognised as an Important Bird Area (IBA) for its global conservation importance.

Among the birds you should watch out for are the African Green broadbill that is only found in Ruhija, grey bush shrike, starred Robin, yellow-eyed black-fly catcher, dusky crimson wing, yellow streaked greenbul, turacos, hornbills to mention but a few.
do not forget your binoculars to have a great experience, you will also have an experienced birding guide to help you spot and tell you about the birds of Ruhija.

Other activities in Ruhija include community projects. The projects are done by the local people as a source of employment and income. The projects include making of crafts, weaving of baskets and bee keeping all these are done to support and improve their standards of living and local livelihood.
Accommodation in Ruhija has options that include Trekkers Tavern, Bakiga Lodge, Gorilla Safari lodge, Gorilla mist camp to mention but a few.